Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development is a Learning Centre for Sacred Islamic Knowledge. It is committed to the dissemination of the true Traditional Islamic Principles and Knowledge from the Prophetic Traditions, and as understood by the rightly-guided scholars of Islam. It aims to decipher information on Islamic Sciences for those searching for Truth and those who are working to raise their standards in the Personal Development of life. More.......

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Mizaan Ecology 5th October, 2013

Monthly Crescent Sighting


Mizaan Ecology - Cooks River Regeneration Project
Philanthropy Project

This project runs every first Saturday of the month.

Al-Ghazzali Centre is undertaking a significant project in collaboration with Canterbury City Council, to regenerate fauna and flora along Cooks River. Al-Ghazzali Centre is developing a sustainable ecology program with Canterbury City Council to include the establishment, protection and maintenance of the natural ecosystems and wildlife corridor to regenerate this environmental disaster zone. Everyone is urged to join in this large project.

The Ansaar Project and New Website
Philanthropy Project
After nearly 8 years of successfully running Crescent Project, feeding and supporting the homeless and disadvantaged of Sydney, al-Ghazzali Centre is looking to further expand it by consolidating other overlapping services it provides into one program, resulting in the Ansaar Project. Volunteer and contribute to some of our projects:

Also, Al-Ghazzali Centre has launched a new website for the Ansaar Project. It has more informaiton on all of our Ansaar project initiatives, the latest news, and facebook integration, plus more to come! Visit and register at the new site www.ansaarproject.org.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Contribution
Press Release
Al Ghazzali Centre announces some exciting news. Please read the press release for more information.
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Weekly community mawlid
Join us for the weekly community mawlid at Daar Ibn Abbas (17 Cross St Bankstown) every Thursday. Mawlid commences after Isha prayer (currently 7pm)and will include a brief lesson.
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Travelling Light DVD
Resources - Visual
Al-Ghazzali Centre has been selected by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, from UK, to exclusively produce and distribute his latest work, "Travelling Light" in Australia and New Zealand. This DVD set is Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad's commentary on books 31-34 of Imam al-Ghazzali's Ihya Ulum ud-Deen.

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